Custom Videos, Collaborations & Special Projects
If your tastes run toward Cthulhu Horror, Body Horror, Horror Erotica, Gothic Science Fiction or Splatterpunk, GIRLSVSCTHULHU.COM might just be your answer for Custom Video production, Collaborations on Special Projects, and Commissioning videos, art, or photography.
I think it is pretty clear what I am into, when you look around on this site. The Cthulhu mythos, Resident Evil, the ALIEN franchise, HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, GREEN SLIME, Silent Hill, Japanese-style tentacle/vore horror erotica — I love ALL that.
Whether you are experienced with ordering Custom Videos, commissioning art/photography/video, or just curious about the possibilities, please feel free to write me. I collaborate with multiple writers/producers/directors too, on special projects. There are no stupid questions (well, maybe a few), so feel free to ask me what is possible or share an idea.
I look forward to hearing from you!
steve noir
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