This video begins the GIRLS VS CTHULHU saga. In this Episode, one innocent girl (LUNA) is unconscious and bound in a cellar by mysterious gasmasked men. When she wakes, they manhandle her and Force a squid-like Creature Into Her Mouth and Down Her Throat. She struggles and eventually passes out. Another innocent girl (ANOMIE) is attacked by one of the gasmasked men, and Knocked Out with a series of stomach punches. She is carried Over-The-Shoulder to the cellar. She is Stripped Naked while Limp and Cradle Carried to a table, where she is Wrapped in Plastic. A Feeder Tube is Forced into her Mouth and Down Her Throat. The substance in the Feeder Tube first Mind-Fucks her, then eventually leaves her semi-conscious and immobilized. This special INTRO Episode of GIRLS VS CTHULHU is offered at a Special LOW PRICE.

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