Actresses/Models/Performers (particularly local to the Portland Oregon or Dallas/Austin Texas areas):
Please contact me (STEVE NOIR) at
if you are interested in this kind of work.
If you are a good fit, I will pay AT OR NEAR YOUR NORMAL MODELING RATE.
There is a MANDATORY INTERVIEW, no exceptions.
Your boundaries/limits are not an issue IF you have abilities, skills, or a look I am particularly interested in.
If you’re athletic, limber/flexible, trained in martial arts, stage combat or weapons, if you know horror makeup, or costuming, or have a unique, striking look, I am interested in meeting you.
For the most part, however, I will be casting people who are comfortable with, at the very least, softcore g/g erotica, implied and semi-nudity, light fetish, and body horror.
IF THIS IS YOU, I want to hear from you!
steve noir