The heroine AMAZON ARROW (Selene, star of Girls Vs Cthulhu Episode 2) finds herself unknowingly trapped in a virtual simulation, twice ‘spawned’ within the Xenolab in an attempt to save Panopticon heroine HALO (Nixi, star of Resident Virus 3, Resident Virus 4) from the experiments of the Xenolab.

PHASE 1: Mind-controlled via a tainted kiss from the now-enslaved HALO (see Xenolab: Halo), Amazon Arrow is seduced, willingly bound, forced to orgasm, and subjected to a Xenomorph ‘hugger’ on her chest, whose snakelike tail rubs her to a second orgasm as it clutches her breasts.

PHASE 2: Again mind-controlled by a tainted kiss from Halo, Amazon Arrow is seduced, rendered limp by a drugged rag, stripped completely naked and heavily bound, legs spread. Halo places a Xenomorph hugger on Amazon Arrow’s face, heavily groping her while the hugger paralyzes her with forced oral venom. Halo is suddenly ragged limp by an enslaved Xenolab technician, who places a second Xenomorph hugger between Amazon Arrow’s legs, where it pleasures and (simulated) violates her.

Video features Heavy Bondage, Full Nudity, both heroines XO’d by rag, Forced O, and simulated Xenomorph Violation.
48 min.

Amazon Arrow is the creative/intellectual property of CHRYSEIS

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